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Handmade Bespoke Designs

Style. Design. Service

Our made-to-measure custom designs isn’t just another garment in your closet. It's an experience tailored only for you. From the moment you slip into your garment, everything feels precise, comfortable and correct. The unique fit, comfort and self-confidence will change the way you look, walk, and talk, and the way you look at men's clothes forever. Say goodbye to badly-fitting, off-the-rack, standard-sized garments, and welcome to a new world of truly personalized style.


All our fabrics, accessories and designs are carefully selected to give you superior quality garments at the best possible price. Our tailors take pride in every step of the craft, cutting, sewing and stitching made-to-measure designs with the utmost precision and care.  


Formal, Corporate, and Traditional wear designs


Cultural designs infused with Wax Print


Hand sewn embroidery designs 


Wax print infused designs


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